Stem Cell Regenerator

No more experiments! It's the last Eye Creme you will ever need!

15ml / 3 month supply when used morning and nights.


The Stem Cell Regenerator is like no other product availible on the market today to reduce or eliminate the dark circles or bags under your eyes.


100% Money Back Guarantee


Test the Stem Cell Regenerator for 7 days. If you are not completely convinced that this is the best under eye creme ever then send it back for a 100% money back guarantee.


Facelift Gym's Stem Cell Regenerator has been scientifically formulated to work deep under the epidermus and work during your bodies natural repair and rejuvination period at night when you sleep and protecting and rejuvinating the skin during the day.

Why is pH Balance so important?

From swimming pools to gardens, from soaps to shampoos, and most importantly for those who suffer from dark circles or bags under the eyes, the pH balance of a cosmetic product, especially one which is applied to the area under your eyes is of utmost importance.


The skin under your eyes is unlike the skin on your chin, cheeks, or forhead, the skin under your eyes should never be subjected to any creme or sirum with a pH over 6.5 or under 5.9 as it will cause more damage then help.


The Stem Cell Regenerator was scientifically designed to work within the optimal range of pH for the area under your eyes working with your skins natural pH levels to smoothen and strengthen the skin, to reduce and in most cases elimate the bags under your eyes or dark circles.

Send your eye bags packing

How do bags under the eyes form? Why do people get dark circles under their eyes? In most cases people start getting bags under their eyes or dark circles in their 20's as dead skin cells, salt and fat deposits are not transported away from the delicate area beneath the eyes.


Unfortunately, many people turn to inexpensive cremes with the false pH balance in the beginning which actually adds to the problem by depositing more fat and chemicals which get absorbed into the top layers of the skin.


In order for any creme or sirum to work it must penetrate the deepest layers of the skin to regenerate the cells and rid the area in between of fat and salt deposits. Some cremes and sirums have either too low pH value or too high, and were designed not for the delicate area under the eyes but for the entire face.


Once you try The Stem Cell Regenerator you will actually feel the sirum being absobed into the skin and know it is working like nothing else you have ever tried before.

The Stem Cell regenerator formula works like nothing else on the market today because it was scientifically pH formulated to work against and with your daily routine, helping you protect during the day and rejuvinate at night.


During the day, the area under your eyes is subjected to toxins, sunlight and poisons. Just the simple act of touching or rubbing your eyes during the day can make the bags under your eyes or dark circles worse, transfering everything you touch to the delicate skin under your eyes.


You will feel the Stem Cell Regenerator working immediately, tightening and firming the skin under the eyes, working deep under the skin as well as providing protection against toxins throughout the day.


At night, the Stem Cell Regerator was formulated to work with your bodies natural function of rejuvination and rejeneration to work deep under the skin neutralizing the salt, water, and fat buildup under your eyes, detoxifying and rejuvinating the skin cells under your eyes.

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Facelift Gym's Stem Cell Regenerator

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