Facelift NOW

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then this video is worth 1,000,000!!!

Watch your under eye bags literally disappear in less than 2 minutes. Facelift NOW works after just 2 minutes and lasts up to 8 hours. Try Facelift NOW and see for yourself. In just 2 minutes the bags under your eyes will have literally vanished and you will look 20 years younger.


Facelift in a bottle?

The entire world is talking about the results from immediate face lifting calling it the „Cinderella product of the facelift industry. Check out what the press is saying about immediate face lifting! Try Facelift NOW yourself to see how this amazing Cinderella product works.

Facelift NOW a massive success!


For the long term success to reduce or eliminate the bags under your eyes or dark circles you will need facelift gym, yet we know that there are situations where you want the bags under your eyes gone immediately and this is why we created Facelift NOW the fastest working facelift product on the market.


It works after just 2 minutes and lasts up to 8 hours


We at Facelift Gym focus only on reducing the bags under your eyes or dark circles and now we help you do that in under 2 minutes

Facelift NOW from Facelift Gym

Works in 2 minutes... lasts up to 8 hours



  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1



Attention: please take note before use!


1. Use this device only for the purpose for which it was developed, as written in the instruction manual. Improper use could be dangerous.
2. Do not use this product unless you are certain you know how it works.
3. Do not use this product on the head (cranial cover), on the mouth, near the heart or any open injuries or sores.
4. Switch off the device if you want to change the position on your face.
5. Fist switch on the device and then place it on your skin!
6. Keep away from children to prevent any dangers.
7. Keep the plastic units away from water.
8. Do not use the device close to short waves or microwave devices (e.g.: Mobile phones), because this can influence the effect.
9. After cleaning the pads, dry them.
10. Do not put old pads together with new pads in the same package. Make sure your hands are free of fat and are clean when handling your device.



For your security

The Facelift Gym is only for use by healthy adults.
You should not under any circumstances use Facelift Gym:
- If you have implanted electric devices (e.g.: Heart pacemaker)
- If you have heart rhythm disturbances
- If you have an acute illness
- If you have epilepsy
- If you have cancer
- In the area of skin injuries and cuts
- After operations (with the reinforced muscle contraction it can disturb the healing process)
- If you have a high fever
- If you have any psychoses
- Within swollen area




*Delivery in Great Britain, Ireland and Isles 6,50GBP.
ith my order I confirm that I am 18 years or older and I will use The Facelift Gym as it was designed. In the unlikely case that I am not happy with the results of Facelift Gym I understand that I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and I can return Facelift Gym without question within 14 days of ordering for a full refund of my investment INCLUDING shipping charges.

I agree to the terms and condition of the sale of Facelift Gym located at

The information that you provide us on this site will ONLY be used in conjunction with your order. Your name, address, or any personal information will under NO circumstance be provided to a third party.

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