Facelift Gym for Women

Imagine: Looking forward to a mirror becauseyou're NOT seeing the bags under your eyes!

The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions


How soon will I see results from Facelift Gym?

The moment you place Facelift Gym on your skin, you will feel it working. As Facelift Gym starts to pulse, you will feel the blood rushing to the areas under the eyes. For some people this can be very uncomfortable, simply because they are starting on too high of a level. Remember, Facelift Gym is NOT a toy! It works through stimulating the area under the eyes with electrical impulses. After using Facelift Gym for just 14 days you will definitely see the difference! We recommend you make your own photo journal about your success with Facelift Gym.



Is there anything that I should be aware of? Are there any dangers when using Facelift Gym?

Once again, facelift gym is not a toy. It works because it increases the blood circulation to the areas under the eyes. You should NOT use Facelift Gym if you have a pacemaker or ANY heart condition since Facelift Gym works with electrical stimulation to increase the blood circulation to the areas under the eyes. Facelift Gym is only designed for use by people over the age of 18.




You speak about Lymph Nodes under the eyes... what are they?

Under your eyes are small lymph nodes. You will also find them under your armpits, in your breasts and genitalia, as well as several other parts of your body. These are the areas where toxins are sent in your body to be released through the skin. Lymph nodes are your friend and your enemy. They can store toxins, yet only so much. Too many toxins can be a danger to your health in the form of cancer and other diseases. There are 2 types of bags under the eyes affected by the lymph nodes: water-based and fat-based. Both can be reduced and/or eliminated through exercise along with the toxin build up in your lymph nodes.



Do you provide a training program like in a fitness studio?

If your goal was to lose weight or tone up, you would receive the best results with a personal trainer, walking you step by step through your workout. This is exactly what Facelift Gym does for the workout on the bags under your eyes and the dark circles. Our training program walks you step by step through the perfect fitness program to get rid of those bags under your eyes forever! The video about the Facelift Gym workout can also be seen on youtube. Use facelift Gym 3 times a week for just 10 minutes each time and in 2 weeks the bags are dramatically reduced...GUARANTEED!



What is the difference between Facelift Gym and facial training programs where someone does the exercises without a machine?

Any form of training for the face will show a result, yet as the fitness industry moves into the 21st century, so has facial fitness. It takes the Facelift Gym training just 10 minutes to accomplish what facial gymnastics can do in 1 hour. In short, the difference is the time.



Can Facelift Gym Guarantee a result?

Yes and No! The main deciding factor is if you use facelift gym as designed. Facelift Gym is a fitness training machine, and it requires that you use it the same way that you would use a fitness machine. If you use Facelift Gym 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes a day, you will see results after just a few weeks. If you use it regularly, you will see dramatic results after just a few months. Facelift Gym works.



What are the three programs of fitness training?

Facelift gym has three training modes: Massage, Kneading, and a combination of the 2. At the beginning of your training program, PLEASE DO NOT start on full power! Start slowly with your program and increase the intensity as needed.



How is the training program for Facelift Gym designed?

The facelift gym training program is designed like any other training program: with a warm up, a work out, and a cool down. Together with our Facelift Gym nutritional program, we can show definite results within just 7 days and you will notice drastic improvements within just 30 days.



How does Facelift Gym come delivered?

Facelift Gym comes delivered per courier in a neutral package with absolutely no markings or logos on it.



Can women use Facelift Gym for Men and the opposite?

Yes, Men can use the machine for women and women can use the machine for men. The only real difference is that the Facelift Gym for men is 33% stronger than that for women.




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