Facelift Gym: Eliminating the dark circles and bags under your eyes effectively, without cheap creams or an operation!

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If you are looking for an all natural way to reduce or eliminate the appearance of dark circles or bags under your eyes, if you are tired of using expensive creams which never seem to deliver what they promise, and if you simply do not want to have cosmetic surgery, then facelift gym is right for you. Using facelift gym is safe and simple and is today´s fitness alternative to reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags under your eyes fast and effectively. The electrical vibration pads are placed under the eye area to increase blood circulation. Lack of circulation is the most common reason people develop dark circles or under-eye bags. Once the facelift gym has been turned on, just like a fitness machine, the electrical vibrations start the blood to circulate under the eyes. Through regular use, the muscles under the eyes become stronger and the skin becomes smoother and tighter. After your "workout", simply use the cooling mask to "cool down" the area which has been trained, to relax the muscles and assist in further reduction. On the days you are not using facelift gym, use facelift repair pads to help clean and absorb the toxins built up over the years from ineffective fatty creams or makeup, where the residue left behind could also have been making the bags or dark circles under your eyes even worse. Since 2008 Facelift gym has been helping people all over the world reduce or eliminate the dark circles and bags under their eyes, and we look forward to helping you.


How it Works against under eye bags:


Simply place the "Facelift Gym Pads" under your eyes and press start to activate the vibration mode. Immediately you will feel the effects of Facelift Gym as the blood starts to circulate under the eyes, tightening the skin, and working the tired and relaxed muscles in the areas where you need it.

Why it Works effectively against under eye bags:


The area under the eye which causes bags to appear is not often used during the day, and therefore lacks circulation. Genetics and diet also affect the area dramatically. In order to combat the effects of genetics or lack of movement, your Facelift Gym stimulates the muscles under the eyes and circulates the blood, causing the skin to tighten, the muscles to rejuvenate, and forcing the bags to slowly disappear

Why it Helps:


With a regular fitness schedule using Facelift Gym for just 10 minutes 2-3 times a week, you will slowly watch the bags and dark circles under your eyes disappear forever!

Your natural solution to eliminate the dark circles and bags under your eyes - without creams or an operation.

Christina Tylor, London.


I think the results from Facelift Gym speak for themselves, yes it requires a little discipline and a little bit of a change in your nutrition, but it works and it really works. I was a little sceptical in the beginning but after just a few training session I saw that it worked and that it worked on me. I am writing this letter because I have tried just about everything and for the first time in my life the bags under my eyes are gone.

Thanks Christina Tylor.

 In our family bags under the eyes and dark circles have always been a subject of discussion, my whole family has them. I never really thought that anything other than an operation would help, well I was wrong. The funniest thing is that after my mother saw me, she asked what creme I was using, I told her about facelift gym and she ordered right away. She is not as far as me, but you can even see the difference in her!.


Jason G. Birmingham

Facelift Gym: Real Customers Real Results!

Effective against Dark Circles

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Eye Creme Accelerator

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Attention: please take note before use!


1. Use this device only for the purpose for which it was developed, as written in the instruction manual. Improper use could be dangerous.
2. Do not use this product unless you are certain you know how it works.
3. Do not use this product on the head (cranial cover), on the mouth, near the heart or any open injuries or sores.
4. Switch off the device if you want to change the position on your face.
5. Fist switch on the device and then place it on your skin!
6. Keep away from children to prevent any dangers.
7. Keep the plastic units away from water.
8. Do not use the device close to short waves or microwave devices (e.g.: Mobile phones), because this can influence the effect.
9. After cleaning the pads, dry them.
10. Do not put old pads together with new pads in the same package. Make sure your hands are free of fat and are clean when handling your device.



For your security

The Facelift Gym is only for use by healthy adults.
You should not under any circumstances use Facelift Gym:
- If you have implanted electric devices (e.g.: Heart pacemaker)
- If you have heart rhythm disturbances
- If you have an acute illness
- If you have epilepsy
- If you have cancer
- In the area of skin injuries and cuts
- After operations (with the reinforced muscle contraction it can disturb the healing process)
- If you have a high fever
- If you have any psychoses
- Within swollen area




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